Retro Varde spice racks

Materials: 2 x Varde

Description: I snagged the last 2 Varde’s in Toronto before they were discontinued. I only had room for 4 of the 6 shelves on each side of the stove, so first I cut them down.

My previous experience with all the Ikea connect-from-the-back shelves is they sag over time, no matter what you do. So I got square 1/4″ moldings and screwed&glued rims on all the shelves so things won’t slide off.

Then sand the finish off, prime, 2 coats of paint on the shelves to match the accent wall and struts the same color as the wall so the shelves look as if they float. Attach to the walls with high-weight toggles.

Looks great in what is almost an all-Ikea kitchen

~ Loren Hicks, earth, mostly