Cabinet and washing-machine frame

Materials: PAX

Description: I would like a base cabinet in my bathroom and at side a frame for my washing-machine.

See the plan step-by-step but please see the additional warning and tips below.

When you buy the legs mind that legs+cabinet will result more height than your washing machine. Pay attention to the assembling of the legs and fix it across the cabinet-bottom AND the cabinet-sides: this will make all more strong.

I used the “rubberized feet” in order to avoid that shelf could touch water on the floor.

I didn’t find rubberized feet in Ikea, but you would be better than me.

If you can, avoid to cut the shelf by a hand saw: result will be probably not good. You can find somewhere who can cut it for you with a machine.

Before placing in the top, install the drawers or cabinet door in order to have the correct dimension of the completed cabinet.

Don’t wonder regards fix nr 1) (double-sided adhesive tape) I made my hack more then 2 years ago and it works perfectly.

See the photo with regards to the “L” bracket to join the corner.

Note that for your top width, you have to calculate:
50 cm. top of the cabinet +
2 cm. approx. the thickness of the shelf used vertically +
xx cm. your washing-machine +
2 cm. or more free space on right side of the washing-machine +
2 cm. or more free space on left side of the washing-machine +
= this is the width misure of the top you need.

Regards top depth = if your washing-machine is more depth than 60 cm. (cabinet 58cm. + 2 cm for the door thickness) you can match on the front cabinet and washing-machine BUT an empty space will be between the wall and the cabinet-back. At this point you will be forced to cover the gap with a top more depth than 60 cm.

Note also that in my case, there is a free space of 2 cm. all around (left, right and top) the washing-machine. If you observe that your washing-machine vibrate during the work you MUST provide more free space all around it.

Last, note that a top in a different colour will appear as well as or more my top that is according to the cabinet colour.

~ Calaf, Italy