Lack + Mosvik Casters = Awesome Media Center

Materials: Lack Bookcase, Mosvik casters

Description: Inspired by a classic hack, I went out and got a Lack Book Shelf.

Wanted casters for practical reasons (for mobility, to raise the surface, to get extra space below the console), and I found some casters for the (now discontined) Mosvik bed.

Intially, thought it would be an easy hack, but the Mosvik casters have a vertical arm designed to fit into a special slot on the bed, and the caster can’t simply be screwed in from below.

I needed to construct a “slot” to hold the casters in place (see the side pics). I used 2 pieces of plywood on either side of the vertical arm.

This hack was further complicated by the fact that the material used in the small Lack shelves competes in consistency with Ms. Butterworth pancakes for lightness and fluffiness; i.e. not suitable for holding screws.

As as result, the main screw/washer holding the caster in place needed to be screwed into the long lower (now) horizontal piece. To do this I needed to move where vertical side arm of the caster intersected with the Lack. This was accomplished with a small bit of plywood (see the pics from below).

I finished the console off with white contact paper, which matches the Mosvik wheels, and really pops in contrast with the dark brown Lack.

It’s all very stable; I can roll it around the room without issues and its already been through 2 minor earthquakes besides.

The cosmetics need work still. I have sort of low-rent covers on them. I may just paint the additional hardware all white.

(P.S. I have an extra set of 4 of the now-discontinued mosvik casters which I thought I would need, but didn’t. If a hacker wants them, leave your email and I can get them out to you for a hacker-friendly price + shipping (they’re heavy!))

~ traycerb