Lack + Mosvik Casters = Awesome Media Center

ikea%2Black%2Btv%2Bconsole%2B2 755272

Materials: Lack Bookcase, Mosvik casters

Description: Inspired by a classic hack, I went out and got a Lack Book Shelf.

Wanted casters for practical reasons (for mobility, to raise the surface, to get extra space below the console), and I found some casters for the (now discontined) Mosvik bed.

Intially, thought it would be an easy hack, but the Mosvik casters have a vertical arm designed to fit into a special slot on the bed, and the caster can’t simply be screwed in from below.

I needed to construct a “slot” to hold the casters in place (see the side pics). I used 2 pieces of plywood on either side of the vertical arm.

ikea%2Black%2Btv%2Bconsole%2B3 757261

This hack was further complicated by the fact that the material used in the small Lack shelves competes in consistency with Ms. Butterworth pancakes for lightness and fluffiness; i.e. not suitable for holding screws.

As as result, the main screw/washer holding the caster in place needed to be screwed into the long lower (now) horizontal piece. To do this I needed to move where vertical side arm of the caster intersected with the Lack. This was accomplished with a small bit of plywood (see the pics from below).

ikea%2Black%2Btv%2Bconsole%2B4 758288

I finished the console off with white contact paper, which matches the Mosvik wheels, and really pops in contrast with the dark brown Lack.

It’s all very stable; I can roll it around the room without issues and its already been through 2 minor earthquakes besides.

The cosmetics need work still. I have sort of low-rent covers on them. I may just paint the additional hardware all white.

ikea%2Black%2Btv%2Bconsole%2B1 752802

(P.S. I have an extra set of 4 of the now-discontinued mosvik casters which I thought I would need, but didn’t. If a hacker wants them, leave your email and I can get them out to you for a hacker-friendly price + shipping (they’re heavy!))

~ traycerb

Jules Yap