Knockout Wall

Lack Side Tables $9.99, brackets, screws and a drill

Description: I have this old brick wall in the middle of my living room and I needed to find way to make it more modern to match the styling in my house. I got inspired by a post I saw about Ikea Lack tables used for a headboard. I’m really into wood details right now so I came up with the concept for my wood panel wall. The idea behind it was to make it appear like the wood wall got ‘knocked out’ and there was an old brick wall behind it.

I am an artist and to me it turned out to be a piece of installation art! Since you can’t really hang anything on the wall to hide it the wood panels were a great solution to ‘lean’ in front of the brick wall. First I measured my wall to see how many tables would fit and where. Then I chose my color scheme. I didn’t need to build anything since the tables come with no legs attached!

I assembled the table tops face down in front of the brick wall in the order I wanted them. I applied brackets in 2 places on each touching end of the table tops to ensure stability. Once all of the brackets were in place I lifted the wall straight up and secured it in place in front of the brick wall with one bracket anchored in the upper right corner to the adjacent wall. Because of the crease where the carpet meets the wall, the wood panels stayed snug against the wall and are secure with only the one anchor at the top. I think the security at the top will keep it from falling forward especially in the event of an earthquake. I want to cover everything in wood panels now! This wall is a knockout.

~ Nicci, Newport Beach, CA