Minimal Desk with VIKA Molinden Legs

Materials: 2x Vika Moliden – Underframe, 2x Vika Moliden – Leg

Description: For my studio office, I required a wide enough desk to accommodate my laptop, a secondary big screen and a flatbed scanner while leaving some additional room for paperwork. The desk had to look minimal and contemporary, and also fit my small sized office (4mx4m), and not cost a fortune.

Immediately after checking the table tops and legs section of the Ikea store in Kuwait, I realized that they either came too small, or too big for my purpose. It was then that I decided to take the leg combination I liked the most and hack it with a custom-made table top into the desk I need.

I liked the Vika Moliden leg and decided to use the underframe versions to support the table top at both ends. Since wire-management was of importance to me, I came up with an elegant and easy solution to wire all my equipment and keep my desk clean and minimal. I decided to split the table top all along its width by 2.5 cm (just enough to pass through the wire-ends). To keep the tops from falling in, I cut and welded two Vika Moliden legs along the top side of the underframe version to make a complete square rather than a U shape at both ends of the two wooden tops. The Tops were made thicker by stacking layers of Oak wood-boards with glue and nails, then finished with a dark-brown paint.

~ Faisal Alawadhi, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Jules Yap