Mosquito net

Materials: Lill curtains (2.5 pair), 30′ of 2.5″ ribbon, 12″ white velcro

Description: We wanted a queen size mosquito net for our tropical themed bedroom, but couldn’t find one we liked that could easily attach to our bed.

We took 2.5 pair of Lill mesh curtains and cut one curtain to size for the top. For the others we used finished end you would normally insert a rod in for the bottom. We then trimmed them to the height of the bed so they would cover the width of 1/4 the perimeter plus 6″ on each end for overlap.

We lined up the edges and folded the ribbon over the top and sewed all the layers together.

We cut more lengths of ribbon to size to fit around the top frame of the bed and sewed velcro patches to each end and then sewed them onto the ribbon at the top of the mosquito net.

~ D. Robertson

Jules Yap