Olov Overbed table

Simple overbed table that extends the width of the bed.
Suitable for placing laptops to use in bed, breakfast in bed, or clothing stash.

IKEA items used:

  • 4x Olov extendable table legs
  • 1x long plank (I got mine from Ikea offcuts clearance – a kitchen cabinet door) – needs to be wider than the width of your bed.
  • support beams

Fill out any depth needed for screws to fully be screwed into the long plank.
Screw in support beams underneath the plank. (Blue in the picture, yet to be stained)
Attach 4 Olov legs to the plank.


Adjust the height to your liking.
Legs can detach and also be shortened for storage or as a shorter “shelf” at the end of the bed.


This is actually Olov Overbed table v2.

Olov Overbed table v1 uses the same concept, but only 2 Olov legs and the table is on castor wheels for easier maneuvering.
Support beams were added in v2 to stop the table sagging.
In v1, the Olov legs were screwed into a wooden plank, and hot glue gun glue applied around the base of Olov to attach to the wooden plank.

However, v1 is only durable and possible for someone with metal welding tools and capabilities. The internal plastic of the bottom of the Olov detached from the metal tube of the leg after a week (and the table fell over). The glue held tight to the bottom of the plastic, so it was the Olov itself that didn’t hold up.

Feel free to attempt this replacing superglue with actual metal welding, attaching the wooden base to the metal part of the tube (not the plastic bottom).

rsz_20160420_113153 rsz_20160420_111901 rsz_20160420_113208


~ by Anna Y