Multi-hack Bedroom Desk and Chair

Materials: Vika Leif trestle, 1 Nexus cabinet door from As-Is section, Stefan chair and some IKEA fabric

Description: On my most recent trip to IKEA, I wanted to get a frugally-priced laptop/writing desk and chair for my bedroom.

The one I was thinking about getting was the Laiva, which was only $20. It matched my existing furniture and was small enough to fit in the space I wanted to put it. Well, unfortunately it looked like it only cost $20.

My next try was the Micke at $49. I wasn’t completely sold on it, as it looked a bit juvenile for an adult bedroom, but I went ahead and put it in my basket.

Whenever I make my IKEA pilgrimages, I always check out the As-Is section. You can find a lot of bits and pieces to get creative with as well as some decent furniture with just a few nicks and scratches. I found a Nexus cabinet door, which sells new for $38.00 (15×39), for only $1.99! Yeah, you read that right – one dollar and ninety-nine cents! It was the exact color of my existing furniture and the perfect size for the space in my bedroom.

So I put the Micke back on the shelf and headed upstairs to the showroom to look at leg options to create my own desk. I found the absolutely perfect Vika Leif table base for just $30.00. All I needed to do was to use five 2″ wood screws to attach the Vika Leif to my Nexus cabinet door and, voila, a laptop/writing desk is born!

Of course, I needed a inexpensive chair to go with my inexpensive desk. I found the economically priced Stefan ($19.99) which fit the scale of my desk perfectly. Of course, I can’t leave well enough alone, though. Back down in the Marketplace, I found some lovely black and white print fabric and decided I would cushion and cover Stefan’s seat.

On the way out, I picked up the Hemma lamp base with a Klavsta shade in black and white to complement the fabric for the chair seat. The lamp and shade only set me back $17.99.

In total, my desk/chair/lamp combo only cost $59 (including fabric and cushion).

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~ Laura, Virginia