Playing Torka on my Orgel

1x torka, 1x Orgel and Good glue

I love the Torked out Ribba backlit frame posted here a few days ago. So I made some of those. But I had more Torka than I needed. And not enough light.

So this is what you do;

1. Go to Ikea and picked up an Orgel. (I already had some Torka, but if you don’t pick up that to.
2. Put the light togheter.
3. Cut the Torka so that it is just long enough to go inside the lampshade. You can do this with a knife, a scissor or simply just break it by hand.
4. Put glue on the botton of the branches. I used hot glue, but almost any glue will do.
5. Glue the branshes to the bottom of the light in a circle. Do this multiple times, 1 Torka is roughly enough for 2 rounds.
6. Plug the light in and enjoy your woody Orgel.

If you feel the branches is kinda to loose at the top, you can use a wire or something to hold it togheter.

~ Jørn Idar, Oslo, Norway

Jules Yap