Materials: Pax glass closet door AS IS dept.

Description: Repurposed a slab of PAX wardrobe (glass closet door) from the AS-IS dept. into a 7 foot tall 54″ wide water feature for my home based esthetics studio.

-acts as a natural hydrator for wood floors and dry winters!
-soothing sound of streaming water
-dulls conversation chatter white noise

1. build top/bottom box out of plywood
2. line with vapour barrier
3. suspend PAX glass on steel rod with “S” hooks in bottom box
4. attach a manifold (drill tiny holes into copper or PVC pipe) inside top box with adjustable valve to control less/more water flow
5. connect a $70 sump pump from Home Depot from the bottom to the top with 1.5″ tubing
6. Fill up with water and plug ‘er in!

Maintenance: clean with a non-chemical descaler (ie: Norwex)/microfiber cloth; fill up with water as it evaporates.

Cost to build: less than $200
Approximate retail value: $2,000+

See more photos.

~ Mary, Edmonton, Alberta