Color Wheel Sunburst Skoj Clock

Materials: Skoj wall clock, tempera paint, acrylic paint, brushes

Description: I just moved into a new art studio, and needed a new clock since my Rusch wall clock has been through the ringer and was a little damaged by a previous hack. Also I’m trying to go for a cleaner, more professional design studio look this time, and that beat up old thing was looking awful.

So I was hoping to find something with a little personality, but when I got to Ikea, I didn’t see anything special, so I decided to go for the Skoj because the frosted glass would be easy to paint, and then it would definitely fit in with the rest of the studio.

Also, I like squares.

I wanted to keep some of the transparency of the glass, so I used some very cheap tempera paint.

I started with the red at 12:00 and worked my way around, letting each color dry in between, so I could layer the brush strokes nicely.

All I had to do was move the hands around so I wouldn’t get paint on them. I wiped them down after taking the photos, but the hands of the clock stayed clean except for my grubby finger prints.

After the color paint dried, I used a little white acrylic paint to redefine the hours.

~ Meredith, Red Hook, Brooklyn