$22 Diy Mirror

Materials: Kolja Mirror from Ikea, 6 packs of 1″ tile mirrors and glue gun/sticks

Description: 1. Glue 1″ tile mirror starting from the outside working your way inward around entire frame 1x. (only 1 square will be created with the 1″ tiles)

2. Next you will only use 12 1″ tile mirrors creating an L shape in each corner of the mirror. (there are 4 corners). 6 of the 12 tiles should be glued making the 1st line of the L (like this—>|)…and then the remaining 6 tiles of the 12 will be used to make the rest of the L (like so—->__)

3. For the final step you will only need 3 of the 1″ tiles to create a shape like :.  This shape will be glued inside of the L shape design which was created in step 2.

4. Attach hanging device and you’re done!!

PS. You can also see more pics on my blog.

~ AprilDenise, Atlanta, GA