Golden Gate Coffee Table

Materials: Lack coffee table

Description: Decided to hack my Lack coffee table after seeing a cool jukebox table in an art gallery that was _way_ out of my price range.

I used: Lack coffee table, contact paper from a local shop, and a wall decal of the Golden Gate bridge.

1. Distress the coffee table. This was a happy accident– I first tried modding my table by covering it with contact paper for a couple weeks. When I decided I didn’t like the contact paper and peeled it off, bits were left behind on the table leaving a cool distressed-wood effect.

2. Add the decal. In this case, I used a Golden Gate bridge art decal from Target– you could also use a Blik sticker or any other sticker designed to go on walls.

3. Show off to your friends.

Simple hack, discovered half-by-accident, that converted my rather bland Lack table into a one-of-a-kind art object.

~ Nabil A, San Francisco