Jumbo Jerker upgrade

Materials: Jerker desk

Description: My intense hate of exposed cords and wires drove me to find a tidier workspace solution.

I started with the basic “Jerker” workstation and took the desk surface panel and cut it to fit under the desk to hide cords and power strips and provide a place to mount my center surround speaker.

I used the accessory shelf extension arms to mount my surround speakers instead.

The top shallow shelf of my system provides resting space to my 42″ TV/PC monitor. The independent monitor stand solution is great for stability as my constant accidental bumps of the desk don’t shake the TV.

My large 6’x3′ desk surface is an Ikea counter top with legs mounted to it.

And the crowning feature of this workstation is the rear mounted LED strip lights mounted on the backside of the vertical and horizontal rails of the Jerker system. They add lots of mode to the room and ease eye strain when in the otherwise dark room.

~ Zane, Ohio