Office Spacesaver Unit With Faux Picture Frame

Foldable office desk unit with faux picture frame - closed

Foldable office desk unit with faux picture frame - unfolded

This unit was created to preserve space and also create a visually interesting piece that did not look like it was a foldout table. The table legs in a shape of a picture frame serve as support for the table when open and a picture frame when closed.

IKEA items used:

Additional materials:

Four hinges from home depot. one magnetic close, four 6×6 metal L shaped brackets. Screws as necessary

Arrange the BESTA cabinets as shown on the picture. I used regular IKEA attachment rail system to attach the cabinets to the wall. When all four cabinets were attached (double shelf on the bottom, two large shelf cabinets on top right side (or can be left), and a single cabinet to the right top of the large cabinet). Cut the cover panel to size and attach on the right side of the shelves to create an opening for the extendable tabletop. Note – the width of the cover panel should be 15 3/8 inches, which is the width of the cabinetry. The total length if correctly assembled should be 65.5″.

The opening that is created by this set up should now be 23 5/8 inches wide by 35.5″ high.

The table top is already 23 5/8 inches. It needs to be cut down to 35 1/4″ tall. Cutting the countertop creates an issue as the countertop is actually empty inside. There are only vertical cardboard slots that keep it together vertically. I fixed this issue by cutting a 1 1/4 inch trim from a 2 x 4 from home depot, and filling in the ending of the countertop with that piece of wood. This also gives me a structural support for adding in the hinges. The wood piece was pushed in at the cut end of the countertop and glued in place with Gorilla glue (clamp until dry).

Foldable Office Desk Hinge Detail

Foldable Office Desk Hinge Detail

Two hinges are attached to the counter and bottom shelf of the opening to allow the countertop to swing up.

To construct the picture frame cut the trim at 45 degree angles to length – two 18″ pieces and two longer pieces, depending oh how high off the floor the shelves were installed. The items must be of the same lengths as the height of the level table when opened. Construct a picture frame out of those 4 pieces using the L shaped brackets.

Foldable Office Desk Frame Detail

Once constructed attach the top hinge to the metal frame. attach the other side of the hinge to the countertop as pictured. Because the countertop is empty inside, I used very short screws, and additionally used Gorilla glue to glue the hinge to the surface of the countertop as well.

Optionally attach a magnetic close to keep table closed as pictured.

Magnetic catch

Attach a picture of your choice to the counter to fit in the frame.

~ by Paul Jazwierski