VIKA desk goes glam

Description: My bedroom has various wood finishes represented and I wanted a desk that would look modern and incorporate multiple finishes. I also wanted it to look expensive…and of course I had only a small amount to spend.

When researching /browsing IKEA hacker, I came across the rustic stool seen here.

The burning technique looked cool but a little too light still so I chose to stain and finish for a shine.

IKEA items:
VIKA Amon unfinished pine desktop 47×23
VIKA LEIF desk legs
KASSETT boxes, white

Non-IKEA Items:
face mask for dust and fumes
sandpaper, fine and medium grit
small blow torch
1 special-ordered glass top
4 special-ordered glass shelves
8 L-brackets

1. So to begin I sanded the entire top and sides of the desk to rough up the surface for burning (medium grit). I didn’t worry about the underside since it’s not visible.

2. Turn on the blow torch (local hardware store – $25). This part was nerve-wracking until I started, then it was AWESOME. Very little threat of messing up your project since you sand it all anyway.

3. Lay the torch at such an angle that the flame licks across the surface as you move horizontally. The sap will rise up and burn a bit but don’t worry. It’s sand-able. Don’t go too light with the burning cause it gets dramatically lighter as you smooth the surface with fine sandpaper. I did the whole table twice with a sand in between and one at the end.

4. Then with a wet cloth, I wiped it down and started the staining process. I did two coats of a honey gold stain. Then I sprayed two coats of gloss which must dry in between coats. I stopped when the shine was good (not perfect as I knew I was using glass in the end). Don’t kill yourself.

5. I assembled the legs and measured the inside spaces for the glass. Ordered from an online dealer and picked up 2 days later. $120.

6. Measured the same height up on each leg for the L-brackets. Used a level before drilling anything. measure. mark. measure. Level. drill.

7. Placed the bottom shelves on the base, placed the elevated shelves on the L-brackets. I used the KASSETT boxes to hide all my electronic wires since it has the openings at both ends to keep it all cool. And voila! My new desk incorporates a modern feel with the mixed wood finishes and the color is rich. I’m in love.

~ Kelley, Conshohocken, PA