KALLAX desk ideas: Four ways to set up a workstation

Four great ideas for a KALLAX desk.

Looking for ideas for a compact KALLAX desk and storage unit? We have just the one for you.

#1 KALLAX combined storage and slide out computer desk

IKEA item used:
Other materials:

1. Disassemble KALLAX and remove centre upright.

kallax desk ideas
kallax desk ideas

2. Cut down dowels to secure remaining centre uprights.

3. Secure runners to horizontal shelf.

drawer runner

4. Fit contiboard to runners.

kallax desk ideas

If storing anything heavy in the top 2 cubes of the KALLAX, you may need to add a reinforcing bracket.

~ by Ian

#2 Compact, minimalist desk for laptop

I put together a KALLAX desk for my laptop for just under 25 euros. Just a KALLAX 2×2 is needed. No other materials required.

IKEA item used:

KALLAX 2×2 | IKEA.com

All you need to do is assemble 3 of the pieces in a U shape. That is all. 

If you want to strengthen the structure you would need to drill a couple of holes in order to use the long middle shelf of the KALLAX unit as a back reinforcer.

Easy and it works.

~ by Fabio Tudela

#3 KALLAX standing desk

I choose to stand at work because it makes me feel infinitely more productive. Our department recently moved into a new building and we had the opportunity to design our own spaces.

KALLAX desk ideas - standing computer desk
Items Used:

I had a few VIKA AMON tables laying around (literally) and liked the style of the KALLAX bookshelves.

This was almost perfect, but the I still needed more height.

Unfortunately, our “local” IKEA store (175 miles away) was out of the KALLAX casters, so I got some from the local home improvements store.

Turns out a standard 3″ caster was perfect to raise the table height to a level that felt comfortable enough to hold all of my non-workstation items (phone, loose papers, coffee mug, etc).

To complete the build, I braced two VIKA AMON table tops together using an 11 x 24″ piece of steel that I got from a local welder. Then I secured the tops to the KALLAX shelves using 2 1/2″ particle board screws AND a 2″ fender washer.

The washer was a very necessary piece, otherwise, the screw would just keep drilling right through and out the top of the desk surface.

The casters were attached with 1 1/2″ particle board screws and no washers.

Last, I braced the final product to the studs in the back wall with a 6″ zinc plate (~$18 at Lowe’s)

Overall the desk measures 117″ wide x 34″ tall x 31″ deep.

Thanks again to all who inspired this build! if you’d like me to submit additional photos of the build or instructions on how to recreate it, let me know – I’d be happy to do it!

~ by Scott Kilmer

#4 KALLAX workstation

First of all I wouldn’t call this a “hack”. The only thing I modified was removing a shelf and also using the KALLAX as a base for the desk.


Since I remodel a lot at home I came up with ideas for a KALLAX desk that I could modify later, whenever it catches my fancy.

All I did was removed one shelf in the KALLAX (2×4). This is now underneath my desk and this space is where I put my legs.

removed one shelf
ikea workstation

Picture below shows another possibility — with the KALLAX 2 x 4 at the end instead of under the table tops. This is probably not as secure for holding the table tops up. But better use of vertical space.

KALLAX desk ideas

Other than that, I secured the desk boards to the KALLAX with the pieces that was included but meant for the wall.

I strongly recommend the ALEX add on unit because it really makes this into a “desktop”.

KALLAX desk ideas

~ by Tanuki

Originally posted on December 4, 2014. Updated with new content.