Word Clock

Materials: Ribba-Frame, ATmega328-MCU

Description: This hack modifies a Ribba-Frame into a word-clock that displays the time in words.

1. Drill holes in the back-plate of the Ribba-Frame for the LEDs.

2. Solder the LEDs to a grid where anodes and cathodes get shared in each row and column.

3. Make a proof-of-concept on a breadboard. The rows and columns get multiplexed with shift-registers (instructions can easily be found with Google). The ‘heart’ of the clock is a ATmega328-MCU. Time is kept by a real-time-clock and updated by the german DCF77-radio-signal.

4. Solder your working clock on circuit boards, place them in the frame, connect the LEDs.

5. Hang it on the wall!

See more of the Ribba word clock.

~ Christian, Germany

Jules Yap