How to frame children’s football jerseys with IKEA

Make a football jersey display frame for less money.

So… I knew I had a load of old football shirts 43from the late 1980s / early 1990s somewhere in my mom’s house.

Eventually, I found them in a bag up in her attic. These pieces of old gold are priceless to me … so many memories of my childhood.

I looked into getting them professionally framed but as I had 9 or 10, this would cost a lot of money.

I measured the shirts and took a trip to IKEA … the RIBBA 30cm x 40cm looked to be what I was after!

IKEA items used:
Additional Items Used (NOT from IKEA):

Jersey display frame hack:

So, I peeled off the film wrap on both sides of the RIBBA frame. Then, placed the perspex in the frame as you would do if framing a picture.

I then realised that I needed some card to put inside the shirts to hold them in place. A3 card (1.5mm) fits perfect in this frame when you trim off 27mm.

cut cardboard

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Next I inserted the card inside the shirt, marked around the collar so the card wouldn’t be seen.

outline cardboard

Then I removed the card and trimmed where I had marked.


Then simply slipped this back up inside the shirt and positioned it.

position card in shirt

I then put it face down and folded the shirt round the back of the card and inserted it into the frame, face down on to the Perspex. Then, I simply put the back of the frame on top of the shirt and closed the 8 fasteners (2 on each side).

Next, just to hold it in place I used some 25mm brown paper framer’s tape to tape the edges to hold in place.

framer's tape

Very happy with the results.

Total Spent in IKEA: £6 per frame 

Total Spent on other items: £14.88

This has provided the perfect solution to not only preserving but letting me display these in my man cave. Simply handling them like a picture! 

~ by Jonny Small, Belfast