Bedroom radiator cover

Materials: Three Antonius shoe racks/plates (item 600.943.50 in The Netherlands, now discontinued), magnetic attachments, screws, wood, ventilation grill.

Description: With our bedroom dress boys in place, I also wanted to cover the radiator: it didn’t look nice, giving the room an unfinished look. I found the metal plates with rectangular holes in them from the Antonius system, intended to be shoe racks (these are now discontinued). I used three.

The sides have little “hooks” that fit perfect over small screws that have the head still sticking out a little. The wooden slats in between are fixed with magnets, so the whole thing can be quite easily dismantled for cleaning, repair, taking a picture for Ikea hacker, etc. It took some exact measuring, but gives a nice clean finish.

~ G.V.M., The Netherlands