Fixing the PAX Sliding Door

Materials: Pax

I wanted to share my hack because I thought it might give a few people with broken panels in their sliding doors hope. In efforts to save money on my wardrobe, I purchased my PAX used off of Craigslist. I saved $1,500, but had the problem of a door front that wasn’t to my taste (the black EIKESDAL) and a glass panel that was shattered (IKEA doesn’t sell replacement panels).

To fix the problem, I simply bought enough upholstery fabric to cover the panels, had a thin piece of plywood cut to the same size as the glass panels, and used duct tape to keep the fabric. After painting the “wooden” portions white and assembling the door, I ended up with a great wardrobe at a fraction of the price!

Here’s more about how I made the doors and my finished wardrobe all put together.

~ Kasey