IkeaPad stand

Before I dive into the hack, I wanted to take this chance to wish you all a very merry Christmas. I won’t be posting any hacks over the weekend, as I will be busy stuffing my face and opening presents. Hope you will be getting some great gifts too. Should you receive one off Steve Jobs’ production line, you may want to hack this stand for it and save a bundle. ~ Jules

Materials: $3 EKBY VALTER bracket, 1 dowel, 2 screws

1) Take Ekby Valter bracket and turn it upside down.

2) Remove bottom screw from Ekby, replace with longer screw, then screw dowel into same hole (make sure the dowel is screwed in so that it makes a deeper lip for iPad to sit on).

3) Screw in a horizontal dowel in the hole below, close enough to the surface, to act as a stabilizer.

4) Add rubber cushion things for traction (and to make sure that stabilizer actually touches the surface)

~ Stephen Wong, Oakland, CA

Jules Yap