DIY Cable Lamp from a Valter Shelf Holder

Materials: Valter Shelf Holder, Textile Cable, Porcelain Bulb Holder, Large Bulb, Spray Paint

Description: Cable Lamp from a Valter shelf holder.

I wanted two wall lamps for our living room. I really like the simple cable lamps with large bulbs. Clean design but also a little bit “rustic-style”. And it’s not too difficult to make one by yourself. So let’s go! Have a look at the photo for all what you need.

The shelf holder are the Valter by Ikea. So not such an expensive project. Our lamps should be grey. So I sprayed them grey. I always do this outside and use an old card box.

Dowel the dry Valter on the wall and than only connect the lamp. I drilled a hole into the Valter for the cable. But you can also only wrap the cable around the holder. Connect the cable on the bulb holder, spin the bulb into the bulb holder, stick the plug, done! Be happy!

See more of the bracket & cable lamp.

~ Wibke from FINGERFABRIK, Oldenburg, Germany