Kitchen worktop desk!

Materials: Two Walnut PRÄGEL Worktops, 1 White Malm (3 drawers).

Description: I am a university student, and as such require a lot of desk space.

One thing that stores never seem to offer is large desk spaces at affordable prices, or of tasteful / useful design for what I was after.

This lead me down to Ikea to see what parts could be used together to make a nice wall-length desk for my workspace.

After finding the lovely kitchen worktops called “PRÄGEL”, I chose the colour I felt would match my blue walls. I didn’t just want the worktops though, I needed some drawer space so went for a lovely Malm in white which I felt matched the worktop and my room colours perfectly.

Because the drawers were too high, the top of the drawers unit was not used and instead the worktop took its place. Also the bottom of the drawer unit was cut down to drop the height down to 720mm, perfect height to use for a desk.

The worktops were attached via brackets to the wall so they are very sturdy, something a basic desk unit would never offer you.

This hack came in very cheap at under £100.

I’ve also added some fairy lights underneath to set the whole desk off nicely.

~ Alex F, United Kingdom