T Kitchen Island/Dining Table

Materials: Expedit Shelving unit, Pragel Countertop, Galant Tabletop, Vika Byske legs, wood and hardware

Description: 1. Attach the countertop to the bookshelf using Gorilla Glue and L-brackets. I used 8 brackets total: 1 on each short side and 3 on each long side.

2. Drill holes into the countertop.
I taped the area around the hole to prevent the laminate from shattering. I also started with a very small drill bit and gradually increased the size of the hole.

All the while, I had the drill in reverse to further prevent unwanted damage to the laminate. The metal attachments on the underside of the table will simply sit in the holes (about .5″ deep). I initially thought the diameter of the metal pieces was 1.5 inches. It turns out the diameter was slightly larger than that, so I had to twist the drill around in a way that would make a real carpenter cringe.

3. Attach legs to the other end of the table.
I cut a 2×6 to about 24″ and painted what would be the underside. I used the same 1.5″ spade drill bit to put in holes (about .5″ deep) into the wood. I then drilled a .25″ hole so that I could run a bolt through the wood and screw it into the metal pieces on the table. I’d recommend starting with the small hole (I didn’t, and what I did to get things to line up right would’ve made that carpenter cringe again).

Once the wood is attached to the table, just drill small pilot holes and screw the legs onto the wood.

4. Put it together. Have the metal sit in the holes on the counter (mine is pretty snug), and adjust the legs on the other end until everything is level.

5. Throw a party.

~ Glenn, Washington, DC