The Ultimate Twin Highchair

Materials: BJURSTA dining room table

Description: We have a very small home and twin babies. Our small dining room/living room will not comfortably accommodate 2 high chairs and a dining room table. I heard about activity tables for daycare centers. They sell for $300+, which is not in our high chair budget. Other non-high chair options didn’t make feeding the babies at the same time sound easy. We wanted something similar to an activity table that would accommodate the babies now and the whole family at mealtime when the twins get older as well as serve as a place to make crafts or paint.

I decided to make a modified activity table for a fraction of the price. I found replacement seats for the activity table online (pkg of 6 chairs for $16.99 and pkg of 2 belts for $2.99 on and we had a free Ikea table a friend gave us.

We traced the outline of the seats on the table and cut out holes using a jigsaw. We moved around the supports to make it stable since this is an expandable table (we lost the inner leaf so don’t plan to expand it ever). The seats can be easily taken out and turned the opposite direction to make it easy for feeding infants, toddlers to eat dinner, or as an activity table for crafts.

When we want to have adult friends over we remove the seats and place a board over the holes. We figure we can invest in a new table when the babies are bigger and can sit in regular seats. The table/chairs are good for kids up to 24+ months. Please visit our blog to see more pictures and a video demo of feeding 2 infants at once using this ingenious table!

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