Wall art: My IKEA hack

  1. Buy a HULTET bamboo dish 45cm.
  2. Cover it with golden acrylic paint, front and back.
  3. Look for a picture or a drawing of a hibiscus flower you like put it in the size you like and print it out, then cut it out trace it on the dish.
  4. Look for tendrils samples you like, or draw the lines freehand on the dish.
  5. Fill in the black background with acrylic paint.
  6. For the tendrils, you need 3D glue for foils (it dries up transparently, but it remains sticky).
  7. Cover the tendrils completely let it dry!!
  8. Apply the décor foil irregular (I’ve used a little red and bronze at the edge and covered the rest with gold). Important: the metallic or coloured side has to be above! Press on well and peel it off, repeat this step as often as necessary. 
  9. Paint out the flower with red acrylic paint, add some golden paint at the center.
  10. Nail a hook on the back edge and another one at the wall of your choice… and don’t forget to put a light on it!!

Example for 3D glue and foils.

~ Silvia, Germany