Hultet-framed Clock

Materials: 18″ Hultet dish, Discontinued Ikea clock, drill, wire, dowels

Description: I needed a nice clock for my bamboo-themed bathroom, but nothing seemed quite grand enough. My boyfriend happened to have an old round wall clock he had purchased from Ikea a few years ago (I forget the name of it now, it has since been discontinued). As fate would have it, I had also recently purchased a few bamboo Hultet dishes to hang in the bathroom as decoration. I got the idea to frame the too-small clock with one of the 18″ dishes…but how to do this while still being able to access the battery on the back of the clock?

1. Figure out where to drill your holes based on where the hanger is on the back of the clock and where it aligns with your dish.

2. Flip the dish over and drill two holes from the back. The two holes should be an inch or two higher than the location of the clock hanger.

3. Using a malleable wire (like frame-hanging wire)string it through the clock hanger. Thread the two ends of the wire through the two holes you just drilled.

4. Using a small dowel or stick (I just used a leftover Ikea dowel), tie the wire to the dowel and used it to tighten the wire until the clock hangs in the center of the dish.

5. Once you have the clock in place, figure out where the top of the clock is and lean the dish upright against a sturdy surface, oriented with the clock upright.

6. Slowly and carefully drill another small hole in the “lip” of the back of the dish.

7. Thread a loop of wire through this hole. This is for hanging it on a nail in the wall. Secure the wire with another dowel or stick.

To replace the battery, simply unwind the wire holding the clock to access the back.

~ Stephanie S, Berkeley, CA