Drift Wood Mirror

Materials: Ikea KOLJA mirror, drift wood, 1/4″ thick plywood, jig saw, construction adhesive glue, glue gun, nail gun and nails*optional

Description: I found an amazing mirror that I was lusting for in the Domino book, but after a long time of searching I found it too pricey so I decided to make one myself!

Step 1- buy the Ikea Kolja 30″ round mirror $19.99

Step 2- get as much drift wood as you can. I purchased a large bulk of it on Etsy.com for under $100 since we don’t get it naturally here in S. Florida

Step 3- purchase a 1/4″ thick sheet of ply wood and have it pre-cut and measured in the store to a 35″ square.

Step 4- take a compass and measure a 34″ circle around your piece of drift wood.

Step 5- take your jig saw and carefully cut your circle. It’s OK if it’s not perfect since this is simply used to anchor the drift wood.

Step 6- glue your Kolja mirror to your ply wood with strong construction adhesive. Let sit 24 hours min.

Step 7- Lay your drift wood pieces out and start to form a frame with them around the ply wood edge and secure with your hot glue gun, layer upon layer.

Step 8- Optional* nail your drift wood to the ply wood just in case the glue doesn’t hold.

Step 9- get a heavy duty nail hanging kit and secure to the back of your play wood

Step 10- hang and wait for all your friends to shower you with compliments:)

See more of the drift wood Kolja mirror.

~ thecubaninmycoffee, Miami, FL