Back painted glass backsplash

Materials: Effektiv, Inreda

Our kitchen does not have a full splash and no matter how careful I am, I have spilled stuff all over the walls. I used to put a piece of cardboard paper around the stove everytime I cooked to protect the most affected area. We like the look of the trendy back painted glass backsplash but it is too expensive to have it custom made. We noticed that Ikea carries a lot of extra glass shelves for book cases and cabinets. All of these shelves are made of tempered glass; its resistance to high temperature and shock made it ideal for use in the kitchen area. The extra shelf of the Ikea “Effektiv” and “Inreda” series have a height of 14 inches so they fit well in between the granite and the cabinet.They are both priced at a steal of $10 a piece.

I googled the internet trying to find a paint that bonds well with glass. I found an outfit who sells glass primer paint online but you have to get it by a gallon and we only need a couple of ounces. We ended up buying from Michaels the Delta Permaenamel paint and Surface conditioner which is specially formulated for glass. We cleaned the surface really good, applied the Surface conditoner and painted it with two coats of Permaenamel. After the paint cured in ten days, we adhered the glass to the wall using a clear non corrosive silicone.

The “Effektiv” is 31.5” long and our back wall measures 95”. Three “Effektiv” panels turned out to be a perfect fit when we left approximately .16” gap in between the panels. The gap is hardly noticeable as we applied the clear silicone all around the edges to seal it and fill in any gaps. As for the side wall, the “Inreda” is only 22” in length so it comes up a little short. Originally, we were hoping to cut the “Effektiv” for a better fit but unfortunately, tempered glass cannot be cut or altered.

I’ve attached a before and after picture. The green glass backsplash really helps to brighten up our otherwise plain and boring kitchen. Besides being descent looking, it is also super easy to install, clean and maintain.

~ Rebecca