Bedroom Side Table

Materials: Two, white, wooden Ikea storage bins, dark stain, hinges, screws, glass knobs (optional), and contact paper (optional).

Description: We have a relatively small apartment and we are always looking for ways to store our “stuff”. There was an unused space in our bedroom and two wooden Ikea bins taking up space in our closet and viola, our Ikea hack was born. I planned to make a side table out of the bins. It would turn out to be a lot cheaper than buying a brand new one and more my style anyway.

First, I took apart the bins and removed the back wooden panel. I replaced it with a large piece of cardboard, which I covered with Magic Cover contact paper. Then, I put the bins back together. I stacked them, one on top of the other and nailed them together. Then I painted the panel I removed with a dark stain I had lying around the house. After it dried, I used some left over hinges to screw the panels onto the front as doors. I also made use of two magnet hinges I had to keep the front doors closed. To finish it off, I affixed two glass knobs to the front.

Because I didn’t use a drill, it took me more time than I thought totaling five hours. I would urge all others to use a small drill to pre-drill the holes for the screws, but you can also do this with some screws and a screw driver like I did.

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~ Janina R. Williams, Chicago