Easy DIY Clothes Rack for Small Spaces

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Photo Credit: @The.Robin.Wood

Finding space to air dry clothes can be challenging in tiny apartments or laundry rooms. Instagram user @The.Robin.Wood shared a brilliantly simple solution — transforming an IKEA KALLAX shelving unit into a vertical DIY clothes rack.

There are many benefits to adding a clothes drying rack to your home. Not only do they provide versatile storage and display options, but clothing racks are also convenient for “refreshing” lightly worn clothes. Air out items not ready for the wash and extend their wear. This is ideal for casual clothes worn only for a short time.

Racks are also invaluable for planning outfits. Laying out your week’s worth of combinations on a clothes stand saves precious morning minutes spent deciding what to wear.

Clothes drying racks are perfect for delicate fabrics that shouldn’t be machine-dried, such as silk, wool, and lace items. After washing, hang them up to air dry.

Materials Used:

  • 1 x IKEA KALLAX 1×2 shelving unit ($39.99)
  • 4 x pine wooden batten (1×2 inch)
  • Wooden dowel (or a broomstick?)

The Build:

The daughter approves | Photo Credit: @The.Robin.Wood.
  1. Assemble the KALLAX unit following the instructions from IKEA. This provides a sturdy frame to work from.
  2. Measure and cut the battens to the desired height for your DIY clothes rack.
  3. Measure 8″ (20 cm) from the top of the batten and mark it. Then, use a spade drill bit to drill a hole through the batten. The hole should be large enough to admit the round dowel serving as the clothes rod for hangers. Repeat on the other three battens.
  4. Now, screw two battens to one side of the KALLAX unit in an X formation. Use two screws at each connection point to secure the battens to the KALLAX.
  5. Insert the wooden dowel through the holes to create a clothes rail.
  6. To make the storage unit look even better, add extra wood boards to the KALLAX shelves and the top of the shelving unit. However, if you omit this step, the garment rack will work just as well.

This no-frills rack maximizes small vertical space without taking up floor area. The KALLAX frame keeps clothes neatly organized while air circulates. Best of all, the entire project is affordable and takes only an hour to complete.

More ideas for your DIY clothes rack

You can further customize the project to suit your closet space.

  • Add a series of hooks along the length of the wooden batten to hang up your bags, belts, or smaller items like jewelry.
  • Go for a larger KALLAX 2×2 unit to add extra storage for purses or shoes.
  • If you’re not keen on a wood clothing rack, you can opt for copper metal piping or PVC pipes.
  • Paint the KALLAX unit and the wood battens to suit your home decor style.

For tight laundry rooms or closet spaces, The.Robin.Wood’s DIY garment rack is a space saver to achieve clutter-free drying. The IKEA hack proves big solutions sometimes come in simple wooden packages.

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