Cheap Vika Glasholm Bathroom hack

Materials: Vika glasholm (2X) glass clamp fittings for wall/floor

Description: So here’s the problem, bathroom shower cabins are expensive (very expensive)

And most of the time too small for my taste, so i went looking for a walk in shower system only to discover these were ABSURDLY expensive.

So the next best idea was to make something myself and just go DIY.

When searching for hardened glass i stumbled upon the Vika Glasholm desks.

These puppies are 10mm thick (compared to the standard 6 or 8 mm for pre- or custom built showers, and they can carry 50Kg according to Ikea.

So then I got online to search for some glass clamps and I found some cheap too (not an easy task).

Put 1 and 1 together and voila there you have it, one big shower.

For this hack people might want to use the simple frosted glass version but we liked this one just a bit more.

In my opinion not REALLY a hack but just used in a different fashion.

~ Rubin, Eindhoven

Jules Yap