DIY Washer and Dryer Pedestals Upgrade Laundry Days

washer dryer pedestal diy IKEA
Photo Credit: Saskia Weerstand

Are you tired of hunching over to load the laundry? Instagram user @saskiaweerstand showed how she elevated her washing machine and dryer off the floor using IKEA kitchen cabinets. It’s a fantastic way to blend the laundry section with the kitchen, especially if you already use an IKEA kitchen.

Saskia was searching for affordable washing machine stands but found options were either too short or too expensive. Since she had experience assembling IKEA kitchen cabinets for her home, she came up with the idea of repurposing kitchen components for a custom DIY washer and dryer pedestal.

Furthermore, IKEA kitchen cabinets come in different textures and colors, so you can customize your laundry room to fit your home decor.

Materials You’ll Need for one Washer and Dryer Pedestal:

  • 1x METOD Upper cabinet frame for fridge/freezer, white, 24″ x 24″ x 24″ (60 x 60 x 60 cm)
  • 1x MAXIMERA Drawer, high, 24″ x 24″ / 60 x 60 cm
  • 1x UTRUSTA pull-out work surface

Alternative to the METOD: Get the wider IKEA SEKTION 30″ x 24″ x 20″ wall top cabinet frame and corresponding 30″ x 24″ MAXIMERA drawer.

Building the Laundry Platform

  1. Assemble the METOD top cabinet following IKEA instructions. This would provide a sturdy top surface.
  2. Install the drawer at the lowest section for accessible storage. The drawer front Saskia used was 40 cm (15″) high, leaving a gap for the pull-out tray and space for a shelf with storage boxes.
  3. Attach the UTRUSTA pull-out work surface to the inside of the cabinet for an extendable surface to place the laundry basket on while loading.
  4. Set the finished cabinet in place and your washer and dryer on top for instant lifting that adds comfortable height for laundry tasks.

Saskia showed how, with minimal materials from IKEA, anyone can create a custom-sized laundry center workstation that makes the space much more functional. The affordable and straightforward IKEA hack is perfect for small laundry rooms or apartments.

For those wondering whether the laundry appliances have “bounced off,” Saskia assures that the laundry appliances are doing fine and have not moved. Nevertheless, she notes this IKEA hack may not be suitable for all washers and dryers. She has a quiet washing machine that “does not walk” during cycles, which is a significant consideration for this DIY washer and dryer pedestal project.

For heavy machines or washing machines that produce significant vibration during spin cycles, the METOD cabinets alone may not provide enough stability without additional reinforcement.

Those with older or unbalanced load washers/dryers may want to consider adding rubber vibration pads between the machines and cabinet, locking casters, or bolting the unit to the wall for safety.

The hack works well for Saskia’s set-up, but homeowners should evaluate their own equipment’s vibration levels before attempting this hack without extra precautions. Vibrations over time could potentially cause the cabinet or machines to shift if not properly secured.

With its stability and storage, Saskia’s METOD cabinet laundry pedestal makes quick work of folding and transferring loads — at a fraction of the cost of ready-made options—an inspiring IKEA hack for any home.

Other washer-dryer pedestal hacks

washer and dryer pedestal diy
Home appliance platform | Photo Credit: Kwarco

A secondary kitchen with many laundry room cabinets for storage, including a platform for their front-loading washer and dryer combo. Lots of room to work.

Laundry room makeover

washer and dryer pedestal diy
Laundry room washing machine dryer stand hack | Photo Credit: Chris Pecompletes

A full laundry room makeover with a DIY pedestal with storage for the washer-dryer set. Discrete pull-out tray for easy loading and unloading.

TV bench hacked into laundry machine platform

washer and dryer pedestal diy
Laundry appliance stand | Photo Credit: Patrick T.

The original washer/dryer pedestals cost around $275 each. So, why not IKEA hack it for the same price as one pedestal? An organized wash and dry zone.

More laundry room ideas

ikea laundry room ideas
Photo Credit: @marylauren

Tips and ideas on how to use IKEA products, which may not necessarily be made for laundry, to make a laundry room look great.

FAQ on Washer and Dryer Pedestals

What are the benefits of using a washer-dryer pedestal?

A washer and dryer pedestal provides numerous benefits over having the appliances sit directly on the floor. It elevates the machines to a more ergonomic height for loading and unloading, preventing users from having to bend over or squat down. This can help reduce strain on the back and knees.

A pedestal also allows for additional storage space, providing a handy place to stash detergents, fabric softeners, baskets, and other laundry supplies within easy reach.

For smaller laundry rooms or apartments where counter space is limited, a pedestal keeps these items neatly tucked away while freeing up valuable surface area. Pedestals also protect flooring by lifting the machines slightly off the ground, reducing vibrations, noise, and wear and tear over time. Overall, a well-built pedestal creates a more organized and user-friendly laundry zone.

How much weight can a laundry pedestal support?

Most quality pedestals sold are designed to hold the weight of standard top-loading or front-loading washers and electric or gas dryers, usually between 100-250 lbs each. Check the manufacturer’s specifications.

Does a washer/dryer platform improve laundry room organization?

With built-in shelves and drawers, a pedestal makes doing laundry easier, with everything in one easy-to-access spot.