DIY TV Riser

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Materials: NORTORRP shelves, CAPITA legs

Description: Needed to raise my TV about 6-8″ and did tons of research online and it seems most home theatre guys make their own out of MDF. Since I’m not very handy, I decided to try to look for an IKEA solution. I got some inspiration from how other people made monitor stands out of shelving and legs so off I went.

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I used Ikea’s NORRTORP shelving since it is solid pine (the EKBY JARPEN was my second choice, but it is particle board), and 6″ CAPITA legs. With the shelving and legs, the TV was raised 7″. The total cost was $70, but the NORRTORP set comes with another shelf so I can use that for another project.

I temporarily fastened a second set of legs in anticipation of getting a new center channel speaker to place under the TV. This way I can rearrange the legs later to make sure the legs don’t get in the way.

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~ Kevin

Jules Yap