2 easy DIY Plant Stands that get our Green Thumbs Up

diy plant stands ikea hack

So many plants, so little space? It’s not all that hard to DIY a few plant stands to display your greens all around the house.

Even in a small tight spot.

Let us show you how with these 2 plant stand hacks.

#1 The Flying Plant Stand

This is an IKEA hack based on the BEKVÄM step stool, which I nicknamed The Flying Plant Stand. 

I decided to do something with the step stool as I was in bad need of a stand for my large number of house plants. But I have a small house and a separate plant stand would have taken up too much room.

Here’s how it looks, before.

IKEA BEKVAM step stool
Photo: IKEA.com

My dad Ed Mernagh made this by taking my initial BEKVÄM step stool and attaching two boards as follows:

Firstly, we got 2 pieces of pine board the same thickness as the top of the BEKVÄM:

  • one is 7 X 32 inches
  • the other is 6 X 16 inches

Then, we placed the longer piece on the side rails of the stool and secured it with screws through the rails from underneath.

BEKVAM step stool converted into a DIY plant stand

The shorter piece sits on the step and is secured by screws through the step from underneath.

It only cost 15 euro and this plus the space saving are my favourite things about the hack Dad created.

I only wish I’d asked him to make this sooner!

~ by Eilis Mernagh 

#2 Stylish Stainless Steel Plant Stand

I needed a sturdy and stylish looking plant stand that could fit in the small space between my windows and the curtains.

19 cm (7 1/2″) is the exact size of the NORRSJÖN colander which is normally used with kitchen sinks.

That information kicked started my idea for a plant stand that not only had a small footprint but also looked good.

IKEA item used: 
IKEA rectangle NORRSJÖN colander with holes at the bottom and anti slip lip
Photo: IKEA.com

For 2 plant stands you’ll need:

4 NORRSJÖN colander
8 CAPITA legs (21 cm)

How to DIY stainless steel plant stands

First, I placed the NORRSJÖN colanders upside down to create a raised platform, as I wanted the stands tall enough to reach the window sill. This step may be optional for you. It will still work without the platform.

Next, I screwed the plastic feet of the CAPITA legs to the faced-down NORRSJÖN colander. (Screw from inside the colander — through one of the holes — into the plastic feet.)

This makes everything stable and not slippery. The stainless steel of the NORRSJÖN colanders is surrounded with anti-slip rubber which keeps them firmly in place on the floor. And as a bonus, they won’t scratch up the floor.

stainless steel plant stand with orchids

Finally, I did the same with the metal brackets of the CAPITA legs. Screwed them to the two other NORRSJÖN colanders (in upright position) which will hold the plant pots.

Easy and no need to make holes except in the plastic parts of the legs.

I hope this idea is helpful for anyone who needs a set of slim DIY plant stands.

~ CLAL53