Horizontal Floating Billy

Billy Wall Shelf

Description: I loved the floating Billys, but for our apartment we needed a horizontal line, not vertical one.

The Billy Planner let us conceive of lots of different options, but we ultimately settled on this.

It is made entirely of Billy wall shelves which are typically used with the Billy book cases, but we used them alone.

The open space between each is equal to one Billy wall shelf for 3 reasons. 1. Aesthetics; 2. Ease of installation (I could use a spare Billy Wall Shelf as spacer), 3. It allows me to fill in with new Billys if I get more books. Once I set the bottom one at right height, it was easy to build it up.

Note that the side walls of Billy Wall shelves extend a little above the top horizontal and bottom horizontal which creates a space between the units. I was going to shave them down first, but figured I’d %*#(@ everything up, so then I thought I’d add trim after the fact, but ultimately, it didn’t bother me.

I did lay a piece of painted wood over bottom unit to give more finished look.

~ DJ, Harlem, NYC