"iMac"king a Vika Workstation

Materials: Vika Amon Table Top, Vika Curry Legs

Description: TOOLS

Jig Saw
Cordless Drill w/ Drill Bits
Measuring Tape
Stud Finder

1. Measure the wall to decide on how to best configure the table tops, which are 40″ by 24″.

2. Once you figure how you’d like to place them along the wall, take the measurement and subtract 1 inch or so from the edge of the table.

3. Take that measurement and and cut your furring strip, or thin long wood beam. This will become a rail that you install against the wall.

4. Take your Vika Curry leg and measure it’s height. The top of the furring strip/rail should be attached to the wall at the same height. (Take into consideration that when installing the table over carpet to adjust for the cushioning. Normally you need to lower the rail about 1/16″ – 1/8″.

5. Utilize the level to ensure the rail is parallel to the floor. Once you have done so draw a pencil line along the rail to mark where it needs to be installed.

6. Before installing it, mark & drill holes every six inches or so along the rail. These will be used later to attach the table top to the rail.

7. Once complete, find the studs within the wall. Mark them accordingly. Now place the rail in position based on your level pencil line from earlier. Mark where the studs are on the rail and pre-drill holes accordingly. Now utilize the 3 inch screws and attach the rail to the wall. Check to ensure the rail is sturdy.

8. Now take the first table top and lay it face down (white surface on the floor). Do not attach the Vika Curry Legs in the Ikea pre-drilled holes! Attach the leg and mendor over the table edge. It will used to secure the table tops together later.

9. With the leg and mendor attached, flip table right side up and place it along the rail. Have a friend press the table firmly against the rail, while you use the pre-drilled holes you made in the rail earlier as a guide. Utilize the 2″ screws, because they will go through the board and table top without coming out the top. (To help with securing the table to to the rail, it helps to pre-drill a hole in the table bottom prior to inserting the 2″ screws.)

10. After attaching the first table securely to the rail, repeat steps 8 & 9 on the second table top, utilizing the vika curry leg and mendor to attach the table top edges securely.

11. Lastly attach the last 2 table legs to the last table in the pre-drilled ikea holes and attach the table top edges using the vika curry legs and mendor that you added while installing the second table top.

12. Viola, you know have a custom installed workstation for $62.13! You can adjust the plans to allow the table top to span an entire wall or protrude further out. It provides a professional look with minimal installation. Enjoy….

~ Jeff D, New Jersey

Jules Yap