Lego table from IKEA kitchen cabinet door

Materials: Ikea kitchen cabinet door, VIKA legs, Trofast bin, LEGO base boards


Last month IKEA in Florida were discontinuing a lot of kitchen cabinet doors for $3 a piece. I bought a bunch of them to my Playstation 3 Racing cockpits (for this see p.83 post #1650). Some where left over and since I needed a Lego table I made this one in less than 90 minutes.

With a jigsaw I simply made a hole in the middle.
I glued the Lego base boards for durability.
I attached 4x VIKA legs ($3.50 each)
I attached a Trofast bin by screwing it on the underside.
Thats it!

P.S. You can also easily modify this. If you dont want to make a hole you can instead use a Trofast bin as a drawer. You will need the rails from the WHITE Trofast cabinet (the pine colored does not come with
rails). If in stock IKEA customer counter or AS-IS will usually give them for free.

~ Erik