New Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead Trim

Materials: Hopen Bed, Plywood, Batting, Fabric, NailHead Trim

Description: We wanted to make an upholstered headboard for our Hopen Bed.

First step, after measuring the size of headboard that you want, lay out 3 layers of batting on the floor and cut the measurement leaving about 4 inches on each side to fold over. Staple all the way around pulling as tight as you can.

Second, lay your fabric out and do the same. Cut to size and leave about 4 inches all the way around. Staple onto your plywood. I started at the center and worked my way around. Make sure you pull tight with every staple. I used a leather like material {vinyl} that had a bunch of creases when I unfolded it. Pulling it tight got rid of the creases.

The final step in upholstering the board is the corners. I found that working with the vinyl is a little bit tricky. This material is thick and harder than fabric. I folded the corners in and stapled as cleanly as possible. It took a few tries it ended up coming out just right. The back side does not look great, but nobody is going to see that.

Once the entire board was covered, we sat it on our counter top and we were ready to apply the nailhead trim. I ordered the Nickel Nailhead Trim kit online from DIY Upholstery Supply for about $17.00 plus $13.00 in shipping. I figured this would be much easier than using individual nailheads. Using the nailhead trim, you only have to hammer in every 5 nails. It is also easier to keep a straight line.

As mentioned above we have the Ikea Hopen Bed. The headboard was super easy to take off. My husband just took off the screws that were attached to the bed.

With the extra piece of plywood, my husband used the table saw to cut three boards just under the height of the headboard. We wanted them to reach the floor just for extra anchor. He screwed these in, 4 screws total. Two at the bottom, two at the top of the bed frame.

Next, my husband attached the headboard to the wood slats. He also used 4 screws here. I applied pressure from the front side, while he pushed in the back. We wanted this to be as sturdy as possible.

The headboard rests on the bed frame perfectly.

Cost breakdown:

Vinyl Fabric in Whisper White-Joann’s Fabric $20.00 on sale with extra 15% coupon (about 2 yards)

Batting 4oz weight 10 yard roll from Joann Fabrics $6.00 on sale with extra 15% coupon

Plywood scrap wood from Home Depot $4.00

Nailhead trim from DIY Upholstery $30.00 (due to shipping costs)

Total Cost $56.00

Check out my post for full details.

~ J&JHome, Florida