Wall Heater Cover/Bookshelves

Materials: Lack Wall Shelves, Ekby Jarpen Wall Shelves, Ekby Bjarnum Brackets, Tundra Laminate Flooring, Nails, Glue, Aluminum Strip and Plywood

Description: This was a two-fold solution. We wanted to cover our hideous wall heater and needed some sort of storage. We initially had a Expedit shelving unit, but it was a bit bulky. So…here are the steps.

1. Frame out desired area using Lack shelves.

2. Attach plywood to wall (we rent, so we wanted to make this removable without having to do a ton of repair work which would be required if we attached flooring directly to the wall).

3. Glue laminate flooring to plywood.

4. Cover any exposed edges of plywood and laminate flooring with aluminum corner strips. (You can see ours on the right-hand side of the unit where it butts up to the door.)

5. Hang shelves.

6. Decorate!

Oh, and we used a panel from a folding screen I got a few years ago from West Elm. Another idea might be some sort of mesh wiring. Really, anything that would cover over the hideousness without decreasing air flow.

~ Ryan & Lizzie Lewis, Santa Monica, CA