Wheelie Dave laptop stand

Materials: Dave laptop table, 3 casters, 12 wood screws, and Mighty Putty

Description: I really like my Dave laptop stand for using my laptop on my couch, but it was hard to drag across the carpet and always seemed in danger of tipping over. IKEA seems to put casters on everything else, so I was surprised that this didn’t come with them too.

You need 3 casters, one for each leg. I had left-over casters from an Alex drawer unit, but IKEA also sells casters separately. You want the kind that have a flat metal plate for attaching to a flat surface, not the kind with a post.

You need something to screw into to attach the casters to the legs, but the bottom of the legs are hollow with a honeycomb of supports. So I used Mighty Putty (As Seen on TV!), which is a 2 part epoxy putty, to fill the voids in the honeycomb and attach my screws. I used about 3 sticks total.

Turn the Dave upside down and pry off the gray plastic slider feet at end of each leg. Line up the casters so that the screw holes are close to corners in the honeycomb, but also keeping them as close to the end of each leg as possible for stability. Mix the putty per package instructions and then fill the area under each screw hole. You don’t have to fill the entire void, just the corners around each screw. While the putty is still soft, gently screw through the metal plates into the putty. Do not push the screws in because the putty won’t get into the threads and won’t hold as well. Leave the Dave upside down until the putty hardens completely. Voila! a laptop stand that rolls smoothly over any surface.

~ Nicole, California