Dave become a Novation Launchpad stand

Materials: 1 Dave, 1 25x25cm piece of wood, 8 corner joints

Description: I needed a cheap stand for my Novation Launchpad and looking around the Internet I’ve found nothing under 60 €.

So I went to IKEA and found a beautiful Dave waiting for me.

The process to build this stand is quite simple: instead of attaching the default Dave tabletop to the leg, screw the 25x25cm wood piece on it (you will need to cut out a little pin in the plastic and to use self-threading screws, no big deal).
That’s it, you will have your Launchpad stand ready to be used!

But… wait… there’s more! What if I would like to use Dave as a table sometimes?
A little hack in the hack!

* Take the default Dave top, put it on a table with the bottom upward, and lay down the wood piece in the middle of it;
* Now surround the piece of wood with corner joints screwed to the Dave top (self-threading screws here also).

Now you can use Dave as you normally would (putting the default top above the wood piece), or as Launchpad stand!

If your launchpad is slipping from the stand (mine doesn’t), you can optionally add a Velcro strip on the wood piece and on the Launchpad back.

~ Francesco Verdoja, Rivalta (TO), Italy