Bohemian south asian inspired MALM dressers

Materials: MALM dresser or side table (any size or configuration), light weight sari fabric or light weight fabric of your choice, decoupage glue, medium sized foam paint roller, scirrors for trimming fabric, exacto knife for trimming fabric, rubbing alcohol and lint free rag for prep, matte sealer

Description: I decided to redo the decor of our bedroom to bring the tastes of my girlfriend and style to reality. Since we rent, we’re hesitant to paint the walls. To bring some color and life into our bedroom.

I decided to use texture and color on our funiture and fabrics so that we wont have to worry about repainting when we move out. I started with two six drawer MALM units in dark brown that we purchased about a year ago. I used the alcohol to remove any dirt and excess oils from the front of the drawers.

After the drawers are completely dry apply a medium coat of decoupage to the front of the drawers. After, apply a piece of fabric roughly trimmed to the size of the of the drawer that your going to cover. Gently smooth of out any air bubbles and allow fabric to dry for atleast 30 minutes.

Apply at least 3 to 4 additional coats of decoupage letting each coat dry appropriately. After the 4th coat, use the exacto knife to trim the excess fabric from around the edges of the drawers. I covered every other drawer at a time to make things easier when applying the fabric. After all of the drawers are covered and trim of excess fabric apply a few coats of matte sealer to the drawer fronts to help make them durable.

~ Lenon, Houston, Texas, USA

Jules Yap