Dead fridge goes Rationell (retrofitting old cabinet)

img 0334 781582
img 0334 781582

Materials: Rationell drawers, old cabinet, various tools

Description: After my built in fridge died we (me and my wife) bought a new one with no built in.
The cabinet of the fridge was a very interesting place for an Ikea hack.
I was inspired by this but mine was a little bigger.
We bought 5 rationell drawers.
The cabinet is 4 mm wider than drawers so we had to use a 4 mm plywood as a widener on the door side of the cabinet.

IMG 0336 784534
IMG 0338 785991
IMG 0340 787210
IMG 0342 788833

If you plan to do a same hacking and you want keep your existing door be VERY careful of the offset of the door when you open it.

That’s all, now we are planning to do the same in the pottery cabinet.
Not so difficult but a quite longer (an entire sunday has gone).

~ Giacomo, Milan, Italy

Jules Yap