Gallant Standing Desk

Materials: 1 Gallant Desk 120cm x 60 cm, 1 Gallant Table Top (No Frame) 120cm x 60cm, 4 Ekby Tore Brackets, 4 5/8″ Flathead Wood Screws. Carpenter’s Square and Level (Optional)

Description: This is as simple as it gets.

Ekby Tore Height: 8 5/8″

1. Figure out what your preferred standing tabletop height height is, the Ekby Tore bracket and second Gallant tabletop add 8 5/8″ so adjust the table legs accordingly.

2. Assemble the Gallant Desk as normal.

3. Position the Ekby Tore brackets around 8″ from the edges of the tabletop, square them up using the carpenter’s square and tighten with the supplied allen key.

4. Place the second tabletop on the Ekby Tore brackets, true up to the bottom tabletop using the level, once you are happy with the alignment, secure the second table top to the brackets with the wood screws.

~ Igor Schneider, Montreal, Canada

Jules Yap