Measuring Light

Materials: Lindmon venetian blinds, Ikea measuring tape

Description: I love going to the as-is section to find things I can use for school projects and I picked up some Lindmon venetian blinds to use as title blocks for a presentation. They didn’t work out the way I wanted them to and put them aside. Finding them one night gave me the idea to make a frame out of them, which turned into this cute light.

I first cut off all the strings to remove the slats, layered them and glued them down. before i placed the last layer of slats, I made a basket weave of the Ikea measuring tapes and finished it off with the final layer. A small light fiture with a 15W bulb was placed in the back. After turning on the light you can see the print from the other side of the measuring tape right through.

Bright idea!

~ Nnolika, Toronto