SMILA SOL Ceiling Fan

Materials: SMILA SOL

Description: The Kids Bedroom of our house (built in 1954) originally had a ceiling fixture. At some point a previous owner replaced it with a ceiling fan, which didn’t match the decor.

I replaced it with plain white one from Home Depot, but was a little leery of the glass dome on the light kit and 2 rambunctious kids.

The SMILA SOL fit the bill as being made from plastic, and the sun/moon/stars theme made it a shoo-in. Unfortunately the SMILA SOL is meant to be mounted to a ceiling junction box and not a ceiling fan.

I removed the existing light kit and with the use of screws from my tool kit, I was able to securely attach our IKEA fixture to the fan!

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~ PENFOLD, Whittier, CA