TOLSBY hack – A cheap and easy earring display

This earring display hack is great for someone like me who loves to own a lot of earrings and need something to display them out neatly without costing too much.

The TOLSBY is an excellent choice for earring display at home and for product selling, I have used this display for my local craft fairs to great effect.

It holds a decent amount of earrings for pierced ears, works well for studded and hook style ones of any size and shape.

TOLSBY hack - A cheap and easy earring display


How to make an earring display

1. Purchase a 7 count plastic cross-stitch canvas from a craft store. The ‘7 count’ simply means there are 7 holes per inch on the canvas. I found that size the best to accommodate earrings.

TOLSBY hack - A cheap and easy earring display

2. Measure and cut out a 4×6 inch sheet from the canvas and slide into the frame. I managed to fill 4 TOLSBY frames with the 1 plastic canvas I purchased.

3. Fill it with earrings! And your earring display is done.

~ Jen, Sydney

You may also like these earring display hacks

# Purse rack and earring holder

purse and earring holder

I mounted a Grundtal Paper Towel Rack on the wall in my closet to hang my earrings on for easy access. It also holds a clutch handbag or two. See the earring and purse rack.

#2 Open and close earring display

open and close earring display

Nina used the RIBBA frame and hinges to create a one-of-a-kind earring case.

#3 Frame up your earrings

frame up earring

I wanted something fancy to store my tons of earrings, and it would have to fit into my old fashion de viennese pseudo baroque room. I thought the Ung Drill was just perfect for this purpose. See more of the earring picture frame.

#4 From office to earring organizer

accessories organizer

Having lots of hook earrings I was looking for somewhere to hang then cause they always get tangled into each other. I had seen the mesh system stapled into a picture frame but I didn’t feel like crafting. A quick scan on my office and I found the perfect solution. See the quick and easy earring organizer.

#5 Earring holder for large collection

earring holder for large collection

I chose to hack the MACKAPÄR into an earring holder because I have a very large earring collection. I wanted something minimalist and removable. The cost was under $20. See the earring holder for large collection.