Expedit square into a stereo cabinet

Materials: Expedit, saw, extra white board

Description: I am one of those rare people that still has on old Television and an Old type of stereo. I have small house and search a long time for the perfect TV cabinet.

Than I came up with the idea to redesign the EXPEDIT square cabinet.

I shortened the side panels with 1/4 and filled the hollow space with a piece of wood (4.4cm thick). This I glued tight and after that it was strong enough I drilled in holes to placed the top board again.

From a spare piece of white board I made to carriers to enable the top board to be supported. The TV is now standing on these carriers. Between the carriers is enough space for the DVD player or HDrecorder.

The standard boards I moved a bit (drill holes) such that my stereo fits in the middle and the speakers on the side.

Very simple, took me half a day (including the drying of the glue).


Jules Yap